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Tim Draper Predicts Crypto Will Rule, Only Criminals Will Use Cash in Five Years

Bitcoin bull Tim Draper said that cash will be used only by criminals in five [...]

Indonesia’s Commodity Futures Regulator Releases Regulation for Crypto Futures Market

Indonesia’s Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency adopted a legal framework for crypto futures trading. Indonesia’s [...]

How the Marshall Islands Envisions Its National Digital Currency Dubbed ‘Sovereign’

The SOV team revealed that it had made “significant progress in finding partners, investors, and [...]

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Norway: Anarcho-Capitalist Smart City Adopts Crypto as Sole Recognized Medium of Exchange

Liberstad has adopted a cryptocurrency native to its blockchain-powered smart city platform. Liberstad — a [...]

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Indonesia: New Legislation Recognizes Crypto as Trading Commodity

New legislation introduced in Indonesia recognizes cryptocurrencies as trading commodities and gives legal certainty to [...]

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Japan Economic Alliance Asks Financial Regulator FSA to Reduce Tax on Crypto

The Japan Association of New Economy has asked the country’s financial watchdog to reduce crypto [...]

SEC Starts Review of NYSE Arca’s Bitcoin ETF Rule Change Proposal

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission started reviewing a rule change proposal for NYSE Arca’s [...]

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CME Group CEO Terry Duffy: Government Involvement Key to Crypto’s Success

Terry Duffy said that until governments start to accept cryptocurrencies, it will be very difficult [...]

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Russian Tech Giant, Blockchain Platform Sign Agreement to Improve Operational Systems

Russian state-owned tech giant Rostec has partnered with blockchain company Vostok to improve operational systems. [...]

By |2019-02-15T10:20:51+00:00February 15th, 2019|Blockchain, Government, Russia|0 Comments
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