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US Gov’t Blockchain Spending Expected to Increase 1,000% Between 2017-2022: Study

The U.S. federal government is expected to raise its blockchain spending to $123.5 million by [...]

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Pakistani Prime Minister Addresses Digitization of Gov’t Administration

The Pakistani prime minister has conducted a meeting dedicated to digitization of government operations. The [...]

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Reuters: France to Push EU Member States to Adopt Its Cryptocurrency Regulations

France is reportedly going to try to convince other European Union member states to adopt [...]

France Passes Bill to Allow Insurance Providers to Invest in Crypto and Tokens

The National Assembly of France passed a new bill allowing local insurance markets to invest [...]

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Blockchain Use in Finance Still Faces Major Challenges: Chinese Researcher

A Chinese blockchain researcher said that privacy, operability, and enterprise integration are major obstacles to [...]

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Chainalysis Urges FATF to Rethink Data Demands on Crypto Exchanges

The FATF has required what the company calls “onerous” reporting and record-keeping of exchanges. Blockchain [...]

Libertarian Think Tank Criticizes US SEC’s Approach to Crypto and Blockchain

A fellow at a libertarian think tank has criticized the U.S. SEC for stretching regulations [...]

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US Reps Urge IRS to Clarify Reporting of Crypto Taxes Ahead of April 15 Deadline

U.S. Congressmen sent a bipartisan letter to the IRS asking to clarify the basics of [...]

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VC Firm Ben Franklin Technology Partners Tokenizes Philadelphia Investment Fund

Pennsylvania-based Ben Franklin Technology Partners will tokenize shares of its Philadelphia investment fund. State-backed venture [...]

By |2019-04-12T00:00:06+00:00April 12th, 2019|Adoption, AML, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Government, Investments, KYC, Tokens, USA|0 Comments
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